Association Tarot Course Catalogue

Association Tarot Courses

Our online Tarot video courses are designed to the highest standards and taught by a selection of the world’s leading and most experienced experts in their subjects.

You will receive teaching created (and delivered in most classes) by Marcus Katz, author and co-author with Tali Goodwin of award-winning books on Tarot and Esotericism, a trained trainer and passionate tarot reader, who has conducted more than 10,000+ face-to-face readings over forty years.

Our courses are recognised as being of the highest standard in tarot and divination, so much so that our Hekademia Tarot course has exclusive guest lectures by our friends Rachel Pollack, Mary K. Greer, Robert Place, Enrique Enriquez, Barbara Moore, and many leading names and authors in Tarot.

All our classes (other than a few) are recorded with live students, in-person or online, so that real questions can be answered fully in real time. They are not pre-scripted and recorded/edited to deliver canned and scripted information – they are based on real knowledge and experience.

Similarly, our courses are packed with relevant and useful information. They contain no advertising so we do not have to thinly stretch things out to keep you watching or waiting in order to maximise advertising and viewing income. We deliver useful and practical information throughout every minute of every classs!

All courses come with certificate of completion.


All our Tarot & Divination courses feature unique materials and innovative techniques designed to get you reading with confidence and consideration.


Association Members receive a 10% discount on ALL COURSES, 15% in their second year, and 20% OFF in their third and following years – see the relevant course page for your membership price discounts.

Tarot Association Course Pricing 2020

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Tarot Courses

TC1. Brilliant Tarot Readings with NLP (1 hour)

TC2. Tarosophy Tarot Master Class (1.5 hours)

TC3. Secrets of the Waite-Smith Tarot (4 hours)

TC4. Exclusive Tarot Weekend Workshop Videos (18 hours)

Our popular Certificate, Diploma and Degree-Style Tarot Courses form a Main Track of progress.

TC5. Tarot Certificate (10 hours, delivered 1 hour per week for 10 weeks)

TC6. Tarot Diploma (10 hours, delivered 1 hour per weekly for 10 weeks, with 78 supporting text-lessons delivered daily over that time)

TC7. Tarot Hekademia Degree-Style (110 hours, delivered 1 hour weekly for 2 years with supporting materials for all 100+ classes)

Lenormand Courses

L1. The Lenormand Way (2 hours)

L2. Learning Lenormand (10 hours, delivered 1 hour per week for 10 weeks plus 1-hour bonus introduction class)

Oracle Deck Courses

OD1. Learn to Read any Oracle Deck (4 hours)

Astrology Courses

A1. CLAVIS 1 – Construct a Birth Chart (Monthly/12 Months)

A2. CLAVIS 2 – Transits (Monthly/12 Months)

Esoteric Courses

EC1. Introduction to the Western Esoteric Initiatory System (4 hours)

IGMW. Inner Guide Meditation Workshop (3 hours)

Premium Courses*

TTT. Tarot History & Vintage Methods (7.5 hours)

TPRIN. Tarot Principles (5 hours)

* These premium courses are open for all students, and mandatory for Licensed Tarosophy Tarot Trainers.