Recommended Oracle Decks

This list of Oracle Decks covers those recommended and used in our unique Tarosophy course, How to Read Oracle Decks with Marcus Katz.

This is the only course in the world teaching methods to quickly and easily get you reading any Oracle deck, including Tarot, Lenormand, Angel Decks and Kipper.

Recommended Oracle Decks

Class 1

The Winged Enchantment Oracle
Lesley Morrison & Lisa Hunt

Vintage Wisdom Oracle
Victoria Moseley

Wisdom of the House of Night
P. C. Cast & Colette Baron-Reid

Class 2

Druid Animal Oracle
Philip & Stephanie Carr-Gomm, Bill Worthington (illus.)

The Psycards
Maggie Keen (illus.)

Magical Times Empowerment Cards
Jody Bergsma

Sacred Geometry Oracle Deck
Francene Hart

Oracle of Visions
Ciro Marchetti

Class 3

Oz Oracle

Doug Thorsnjo

Oracle of Initiation

Mellisae Lucia

Class 4

The Philosopher’s Stone

by De Es

The Soul Cards

Deborah Koff-Chapin

Journey to the Goddess Realm

Lisa Porter

Sacred Rebels Oracle

Alana Fairchild

Madame Endoras Fortune Cards

Christine Filipak