Tarot Weekend 4-Day Video Course

In 2014, #1 best-selling tarot author Marcus Katz taught two tarot weekend workshops to a small group of personal students.

This was the first time he had offered this 1:1 teaching in over four years due to a busy writing and touring schedule.

You can now sit-in on all four days of these unique workshops and take your tarot to a whole new level with our recording of those sessions!

Marcus Katz Tarot

You will receive handouts and videos of both workshops on USB stick, due to the sheer size of the recordings; containing EIGHTEEN HOURS of packed tarot material, techniques, insights, and skills.

Watch this sample video as in just nine minutes selected from the second weekend, an absolute beginner is introduced to fail-safe tarot reading, timing, and shows how much they have already learnt about reading in just a few hours.

Both courses are complementary and include different materials; both also contain our Tarosophy method of teaching Tarot in Ten Minutes – fully explained and explored with absolute beginners and experienced readers alike.


Here is what you will learn with the incredible contents of “Marcus Teaches Tarot” (2 days):


Pt. 1


The World as Divine Narrative

Why you can’t add or take out cards from a Tarot deck

The City of Tamara and its relationship to Tarot

The Problem of Uncontrolled Psychism

The Test of Tarot in Your Life

The English Lenormand (1796)

Coffee Grind Symbols, Tea Leaves, and Dream Symbolism as Precursors of Tarot Symbolism

Early Oracles: Nature as Meaning

The Difference between Symbols & Metaphors

Colour, Form, Relationship and Shape as Symbolism in Tarot

Pt. 2

Powerful One-Card Tarot Reading

A Sample Reading with the Two of Cups

Multivalency in Tarot Reading – How To Never Get a Card “wrong”

The Number of Combinations of a Spread

Exercise: One-Card Reading with a Question

The Lightning Matrix Method (One-Card Reading Spread)

One-Card Reading Example with the Nine of Cups

“Never Argue with the Oracular Moment” (Dealing with Naysayers)

Introduction to the Marseilles Tarot & Visconti-Sforza

A Historic Lenormand Deck

The Forest of the Naked Elves Lenormand

The History of the Triumph of the Virtues

Three 3-Card Lenormand Readings

Pt. 3

Turning a Question into a Spread with Clean Language

Marcus Katz TarotPt. 4

Clean Language Conclusion

Pt. 5

Tarot in Ten Minutes

Fail-Safe Readings

The Aces as Nascent Energy

Why the Six of Swords Isn’t Sinister

How Pamela Designed the Tarot

The Three’s in the Minors as First Completion

The Court Cards as Energy Levels

Explaining the Court Cards to a Norfolk Terrier

A Five-Card Reading

Pt. 6

Overall Reading Techniques

Reading from the Numbers

Reading the Balance of Suits

Simple Timing in Tarot with Kabbalah

Fail-Safe Reading with the Formula of Paradise

Tricking the Oracular Voice for Inspired Readings

Never Get Stuck in a Reading

Pt. 7

Day One Summary

Some More Tips to Explore Tarot & Kabbalah

Using New Decks

Using the Mountain Dream Tarot (the first Photographic Deck)

Using the Zombie Tarot

Using the Housewives Tarot

Pin-Pointing & Bridging; the Two Essential Skills of Reading

Tarosophy Method: “From This to This by Doing This”

How to Use Tarot Skills in Everyday Life


Pt. 1

The History of Tarot in Esotericism

The Myths and Mistakes:

Ancient Egypt, Cathars, Gypsies, Court de Gebelin, Eliphas Levi,  Papus, etc.

The Golden Dawn and Tarot

“Some People Just Don’t Get the Secrets”

Kabbalistic Secrets

The Tarot on the Tree of Life

Shocks and Buffers

The Model of Life on the Tree of Life

How to Tell Where You Are in Your Spiritual Journey

The Next Step Method to answer “What Do I Do Next?”

Pt. 2

Sample Next Step Readings

Alternative Method for Non-Counselling

Marcus Katz TarotPt. 3

Some Q&A

The Ladder Method of Understanding your Present from your Past – see a new method created by Tali in the moment!

Excitement & Worries About Face to Face Reading

Getting “Bad Cards” and Reading Repeatedly – my answer my surprise you!

How Cards and the Universe Work Together

Layers of Meaning in Different Decks

How Different Decks Create Different Readings

The Dialogue of Cards, Querent and Reader

The Divinatory Moment is Sacrosanct

Pt. 4

A Reading with the Oracle of Initiation – How Do We Best Learn Tarot?

Pt. 5

A Full Celtic Cross Reading with the Marseille Tarot


There is no such thing as a half-way Oracle.

My Worst Ever Reading in 12,000 Readings

Tarot Tips #36: How to Deal with Folded-Arms Clients

How to Deal with a Client Who Bores You

Why My Tarot Cards Hide when my Brother Comes To Stay

Looking at the Whole Spread First

The Most Important Trick in Reading the Celtic Cross from the Outcome Card

Reading The Base Card

Reading the Balance of Suits and Numbers

Assessing the nature of change in any situation

Reading Pairs of Cards and Individual Cards

What’s My Favourite Position? Ahem.

Framing the Summary or Conclusion of a Reading

You Become What You Fight – Reading the Obstacle Card

My Secret to Reading the Celtic Cross as the Chariot Wheel

Pt. 6

Creating Oracular Sentences (Party Games)

When Will Dwayne Come Back to Me?

Becoming an Oracle

Pt. 7

Going on From Here …

How Oracular Sentences Work to Achieve Change

How to Quickly Generate your own Key-Words for Cards

Pt. 8

Turning a Card Into a Spread

The Question Card – a Unique Method of Tarosophy (Squared)

Pt. 9


And here is what you will learn with “Advanced Tarot for Absolute Beginners” (2 days):



Pt. 1

If there was one secret that could change your Tarot teaching, this is it.

What is tarot to engage life, not escape it?

The difference between correspondence and attribution.

Why learn correspondence?

What is the short-cut to enlightenment?

Who designed the Waite-Smith deck?

In what way is the Waite-Smith Tarot a Catholic deck?

What is the secret of the 9 of Cups or the 9 of Pentacles?

The Secret of the 2 and 10 of Cups

Waite’s Secret Tarot

Using Split-Deck Methods (Court Cards)

A Business 2-card Reading using Court Cards

Keeping a Journal

How to Use Missing Energies in a Reading

Marcus Katz TarotPt. 2

The Major Arcana

Living the Archetypes

Tarot in Prison

How the Deck Reflects the Reader

Pt. 3

Tarot & Kabbalah

Analysing the Tree of Life through Tarot

Pt. 4

The Hanged Man and Initiation

What is Magick?

Grace, Mysticism and the Ace of Cups

Hebrew Letters as Shapes and Meaning

The Secret of Malkuth

The One True Secret of the Entire Universe

Pt. 5

Practical Reading

How does Tarot Work?


Finding Hope Method

Reading the Balance of Majors and Minors in a Spread

A First Simple Reading (2 cards)

Ensuring you Read the Cards, not offer Advice (Drifting)

Looking at Light, Characters, and Posture in Cards

Using Intuition

Confidence Issues:

“The One Mistake to Avoid as a Tarot Card Reader”

“The Greatest Fear of a Tarot Card Reader”

“The One Thing that Will Make You a Great Reader”

The Fallacy of the Tarot Debunker

The Worst Client Ever

The Standardisation Agency of Tarot

Pt. 6


Past/Present and Future Tense Reading of Cards

Putting a Reading Together

Building the centre of the Celtic Cross

Pt. 7

Celtic Cross Overview


Pt. 1

NLP Chunking & Tarot

How do you apply any card to any question?

How do you apply LWB meanings to any situation?

The Secret of Tarosophy

Marcus Katz Tarot CourseQ AND A SECTION

How do we know what meaning to apply in a reading for a card?

Why You Can’t Know What a Tarot Card Is

Strange Attractors & Fractals

Why the 2 and 3 of Wands are So Similar

Cards and Multivalency

Intuitive Reading, Guesswork & Making it Up

What Makes a Good Keyword

The First Thing to Do as a Tarot Card Reader

The Importance of a Clear Question

The Best Question to Ask for a Daily Tarot or Lenormand Reading

The Dawn Spread

The Nine of Swords as a Daily Event

How best to learn the numbers + cheat sheet

How numerology can enrich a reading

A Side-Question about Golden Dawn Initiation

A final Celtic Cross Review – the order of laying the cards

Pt. 2


We explore in detail three totally different ways of reading to demonstrate the skills taught in this weekend. The handouts provide the feedback from the querents to the three real readings done by our absolute beginner on this course.

 Pt. 3


A simple Linguistic Trick for Reading for Yourself

Inner Child Work & Tarot

Recommended Books

The Inner Child & Western Esotericism

Tarot Questioning Identity & Attachment in Life

The Two Most Important Things that Tarot Can be Used for

Preparing to Read for any Client

The Three Questions to Ask Your First Querents/Clients

Summary & Conclusion


Get either entire four-day exclusive training in Tarot directly from Marcus for only $250 (the weekend courses were $450 in total to attend). The courses will be sent by post to your address worldwide by USB Stick for viewing on your computer or other devices. All course videos are subtly watermarked for security and sent in Windows format.


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Nb. Neither course contains Smoothies, biscuits or mints, these were only provided to attendees. And Rufie, the Norfolk Terrier.

Marcus Teaches Tarot to Terriers

Marcus Teaches Tarot to Terriers