Inner Guide Meditation Course

The Inner Guide Meditation (IGM) is a simple yet powerful method of self-discovery that provides deep insight and self-improvement.

It can be performed by oneself, in as little as 30 minutes a week, building up a new means of self-knowledge as you discover your own inner world.

It uniquely combines tarot and astrology with a little bit of shamanic and psycotherapeutic practice in a way that is totally accesible for beginners.

The IGM also provides an easy means of engaging with your own inner world to make profound changes in your thinking and behaviour. It can sometimes produce magical effects in the outside world too – which you will see in the course.

As you work with it, it becomes a self-teaching tool which deepens and opens to suit your own personality, your challenges and your resources.

We also have a private Facebook group to discuss the method.

In this exclusive 3-hour video course, you will sit in on a real-life private training session with author Marcus Katz as he teaches the Inner Guide Meditation to a small group of personal students.

You will learn how to simply combine the IGM with NLP and esoteric methods which have proven most effective in both extensive personal and group work .

Marcus Katz Teaching Inner Guide Meditation

Based on the Inner Guide Meditation book by Edwin Steinbrecher, Marcus teaches the IGM as an essential method of the Western Esoteric Initiatory System.

Marcus has also worked with leading astrologer and author Lyn Birkbeck to produce an personalised Inner Guide Meditation workbook, which guides seekers to work with their own personal patterns in meditation.

This workbook provides a route-map specific to your own patterns and a GPS to quickly navigate your own unique inner landscape, but is optional.

The Inner Guide Meditation workshop consists of 3 hours video in 7 sections with PDF handouts of the instructions for the method and useful induction techniques which can deepen the experience.

This course is a unique teaching of the Inner Guide method based on hundreds of hours of personal, individual and group work conducted over thirty years, optionally allied with cutting-edge trance inductions which are safe, tested and powerful.

Marcus has returned the use of “coded questions” into the IGM from esoteric work, adding a whole new dimension which you can easily discover for yourself.

You do not require the Inner Guide Meditation book by Edwin Steinbrecher to learn the method, as you will receive a concise handout, however it is highly recommended to purchase the original book.

Inner Guide Meditation Book Cover

Inner Guide Meditation Workshop (3 hours)

Video 1 (10 mins)

Introduction and the IGM Book + HANDOUT (IGM Method)
A True Story of IGM Results

Video 2 (30 mins)
Book Recommendations

Why the IGM cannot predict the winner of a horse race
Pathworking & Contemporary Methods – Book Recommendations
Mind Time and the Daemon
Gurdejieff and Free Will
The Holy Guardian Angel and the Inner Guide

Inner Guide Meditation Books

Video 3 (15 mins)
IGM Prep and Visualisation Exercise

Preparing for the Inner Guide and Dice Exercise

Video 4 (15min)
Using the IGM Workbook

Variations to Steinbrecher
Recommended Questions to the IGM
Working with the Shadow
Working with the Anima and Animus
Inner Child Work
The Inner GPS Chart
Natal Chart Conversion to Tarot
Physical Appearance of the Inner Guide
First, Second and Third Guides
Shortcuts on the Map
IGM and Theoricus Work

Video 5 (60 mins)
The Inner Guide Method

Betty Erickson Technique + HANDOUT
Triangle Method + HANDOUT
The First Inner Guide Meditation Method – Actual Example
Sense of Time & Length of IGM
Using Embedded Metaphors
Coded Questions
Testing the Inner Guide

Video 6 (10 mins)
Analysis of Coded Questions and Answers from IGM

Initiatory and Alchemical Allegories
Using Etymology
Asking Trick Questions
Using Coded Questions with Another Person
Different Types of Answers
Receiving Visionary Experiences
Using the Inner Guide Meditation with young people

Video 7 (35 mins)
Using Charts in the IGM – 2nd Working/Practical Demo

Rossi Failsafe Method + HANDOUT
The Second Inner Guide Meditation – Actual Working
Sun & Moon for Empowerment
Diving into the Natal Chart
Using Correspondences for Any Purpose
1-4 Years Engagement Work


The IGM and the Nature of Zelator Work
Magical Names, Initiation and the IGM
Willed Transits & Balanced Invocations


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