Statement of Equality and Diversity

The Tarot Association was founded upon a singular vision; to restore the spiritual dignity of tarot.

We hold that this vision incorporates mutual support and encouragement of every person, in equity and celebrated diversity.

The tarot (and all similar media) is a significant illustration of real or potential, past, present or future social structure, norms and representation.

This can be determined, amongst other aspects, in the historical, culture-bound and stereotypical keyword interpretation of male and female characters or the original hierarchical relationships of the court cards.

However, we know that tarot is also a powerful agent of change. It is also a truly mutable artefact; if we are mindful and willing to set ourselves toward our highest aspiration, it can further become the vehicle of our shared vision of equality, diversity and inclusion.

We recognise that as sequential art, the creators of a deck or book can choose to include or exclude those who are marginalised in society. We will aim to encourage inclusivity and representation in our own work and that of our members.

We recognise that our supporters, membership and audience should be truly representative of all our society (and societies) in all our wonderful diversity.

Further, our founding principle leads us to hold that there will be no discrimination in our work on the basis of gender, disability, age, race, religion, sexuality or social background.

Likewise we adhere to this policy in our social media platforms and audience. We have always held this principle in our events, seeking to provide a supportive and welcoming space for all who share our vision and interest in divination, esotericism and allied subjects.

When we talk about a full deck of possibilities, this is a deck which is equally welcoming, equally supportive, equally encouraging and equally positive.

We, personally and as an Association, undertake to regularly review our actions based on our vision and will welcome all feedback in order to constantly improve on our recognition and action.

In respect of this position, we commit to explore and implement practices that assist under-represented backgrounds; work constantly towards equity; and enhance much-welcomed and encouraged diversity through both representation and inclusion.

The Tarot Association.
Tarot Professionals Ltd (UK), Registered Company in the UK.

LAST UPDATED: 12th June, 2020 [Original Statement]