A New Dawn for Tarot

Illus. Cover featuring hand-drawn version of the Last Judgement featuring synthesis of Hebrew letters, Kabbalah, Greek and ancient Egyptian mythology, Christian motif and tarot. In the background is a sheet of S. L. Macgregor-Mathers hand-written notes on the “Charles VI” Tarot in the Bibliothèque nationale de France.

In this ground-breaking and richly illustrated book drawing on research by Derek Bain, you will see for the first time in a century almost one hundred of the original documents and drawings of the tarot of Order of the Golden Dawn (founded 1888). The authors reveal the contribution of the Golden Dawn to the tarot tradition, sharing unparalleled access to the archives of the original Order.

With images of the tarot drawn from the sketch books of the members, the book also includes previously unpublished work by Samuel Liddell MacGregor Mathers and Florence Farr, in addition to new photographs of W. W. Westcott, and new discoveries of the tarot decks used by the founders of the Order.

This book illustrates how the tarot of Etteilla and Tarot de Marseille, along with the teachings of Eliphas Levi, merged by the Order with cartomantic traditions, became the foundation of a new dawn for tarot in the english-speaking world at the turn of the last century.

You can enjoy a trip through the whole history of the tarot with vignettes telling the story as it happened in our popular book Tarot Time Traveller by Marcus Katz & Tali Goodwin (Llewellyn, 2017).

It is from this rich bedrock that came A. E. Waite, Pamela Colman Smith and Aliester Crowley, producing the Waite-Smith Tarot and (wth Frieda Harris) the Thoth Tarot, setting the dominant imagery for a new century. To discover A. E. Waite’s second Tarot, which provided a secret tarot far different to his Golden Dawn background and public deck with Pamela Colman Smith, see our other premium publication, Abiding in the Sanctuary.

A New Dawn for Tarot also includes an image of possibly the only surviving original “tracing board” sized Tarot image used in the Orders initiation rituals.

With commentary by the authors and images lovingly reproduced in full-size on high quality lustre paper to provide the closest experience to handling the original papers of the Order.

The price for this unique book containing rare images not seen anywhere else includes premium lustre paper, full colour throughout, and postage worldwide.

A NEW DAWN FOR TAROT … $110 inc. p&p worldwide.