Tarot History Course


In 5 x 1.5 hour video lessons this course delivers a comprehensive overview of tarot and esoteric history featuring practical methods of card reading. It is delivered by Marcus Katz, leading author and researcher of the tarot and esoteric traditions, based on research with co-author Tali Goodwin.

The classes feature practical methods of reading and appreciating the cards for each era of history and style, be it early cartomancy or later esotericism.

The course draws on our unique and award-winning research in books such as Tarot Time Traveller, Secrets of the Waite-Smith Tarot, Learning Lenormand, Secrets of the Thoth Tarot, A New Dawn for Tarot (Tarot of the Golden Dawn) and Abiding in the Sanctuary: A. E. Waite’s Second Tarot.

You will see rare and unique photographs of original materials from Aleister Crowley, A. E. Waite, the Golden Dawn, private collections and the British Museum, drawn from decades of experience and research.

I will also share authentic and tested methods of reading cards from original sources, including revelations to the meanings of cards as intended by their designers, from the Lenormand deck to the Thoth deck.

This course is suitable for every level of background, from complete beginner to experienced reader. It is designed to be the most up-to-date and comprehensive course on the history and practical use of cartomancy in the world.

Students do not require any previous knowledge or interest in a specific deck, as the lessons are designed for all levels of interest and apply to all decks.

Course Overview

Class 1: The History of Tarot – Part 1 (Pre-1900) – Featuring the Sola Busca Tarot

The Steele Manuscript – the Visconti Tarot – the Tarot de Marseille – the Sola Busca – Court de Gebelin & the Comte de Mellet (connection to Hebrew Letters) – Etteilla – Papus – Eliphas Levi.

Class 2: The History of Tarot – Part 2 (Post-1900) – Featuring the Tarot of the Secret Dawn

The Cipher Manuscript – The Golden Dawn Book T – S.L. MacGregor Mathers (Connection to Scrying) – Woodman, Westcott & Waite – Florence Farr – Dion Fortune – Aleister Crowley.

Class 3: History of Cartomancy: Featuring the Lenormand

The Coffee Cards – The Game of Hope – Mlle. Lenormand – Lenormand Cards – Grand Tableaux.

Class 4: History of Tarot Spirituality: Featuring the Waite-Smith & Waite-Trinick Tarot

Catholic Iconography – Theatre Set Design – Higher Mysticism – the Fellowship of the Rosy Cross – J. B. Trinick – the Shekinah.

Class 5: History of Tarot Magick: Featuring the Thoth Tarot

The Missing Years (1920’s-1950’s) – Thelema – the Aeons – the Book of the Law (1904) – the Book of Thoth – Frieda Harris – Sigils.

Course Outcome

Students of this course will gain a comprehensive knowledge of the history of tarot and cartomancy with avenues for further discovery and development. All students will gain several methods of understanding the original intent and structure of the most popular and influential tarot decks.

Students will also be provided with a selection of vintage methods for using their tarot and Lenormand decks in practical reading and a reading list which will inform them in the context of the knowledge of the course.

The extensive handouts for this course include exclusive material from a wide variety of original sources. previously unpublished and licensed only for use in this course.

*This course is mandatory for Licensed Tarosophy Tarot Trainers.


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