The Lenormand Way Class (2 Hours)

A packed TWO-HOUR Video Class for $75 USD presented by Marcus Katz, #1 top-selling & award-winning Tarot author!

In 2011, Tali Goodwin and I announced the Cards of Antiquity campaign to revive the Lenormand in a talk we presented in NYC. We had chosen the little-known Lenormand deck as part of our Arkartia project, because it was an unusual deck with a Rose (Bouqet) and Key symbol.

At that time, no book had been published in English (by a publisher) on the Lenormand, and the original Lenormand (Game of Hope) still lay generally forgotten in the British Museum.

Since that time the revival of the Lenormand has been prolific, with more new decks and books on the subject being published in ten years than in the previous two centuries.

Now we would like to show you the Lenormand Way!

We’d like you to join us as we share this unique introduction class to the Lenormand for the first time, ahead of publication next year.


By our experience and research of historical and contemporary sources in German, French, and English dating back to the very first Lenormand decks, we have ensured you will learn how the modern styles of Lenormand reading actually developed.

This will allow you to find your own unique place in the whole ‘modern mess’ of Lenormand as it continues to gain popularity – from the very first roots!

Original Lenormand Rose Key

So this 2-hour online class will not only teach you to start to read Lenormand but also why the Lenormand method is different to Tarot.

We have taken thirty years of experience and years of our original research into Lenormand, our Learning Lenormand book and new information to provide this essential class!

You will learn:

The History of the Lenormand

Why Dreams and Coffee Contribute to the Lenormand Symbols

How Early Cartomancy (card-reading) gave the Lenormand Readers their Methods

The Meanings of the Lenormand Cards

How to Put the Cards Together in various ways – and how to avoid confusion!

Great Ways to Start to Read Lenormand for Yourself and Others

BONUS: Then for 30 minutes we will show you around the Grand Tableau!

Illustrated with many real readings for real people & Full Handouts Sent including all card meanings, etc.

Here’s What Students Say [real feedback from our Learning Lenormand Facebook Group] …

Just finished this class and it was wonderful! Very informative and inspiring. S.D.

Re-inspired for Lenormand reading after this wonderful class! L.F.

Thank you Marcus – most enjoyable and informative. M.J.

The class was brilliant, really enjoyed it. S.B.

Just watched the recording – loved it! I’ve concentrated on tarot and avoided Lenormand for a long time (didn’t think I like it), but watching this class has filled me with enthusiasm and confidence to give it a go. Look out grand tableau, I’m on my way! Thank you! J.M.

Really enjoyed the class tonight, thank you Marcus for making it seem so simple! J.C.


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