Several Signposts to the Mysteries

By Our Work we are Changed

For those wishing to pursue their own interest in the Work we refer to as the Western Esoteric Initiatory System (WEIS) there are several gates to enter this Way.

Our most widely-known gate is through Tarot, which we see as the illustration of the challenges, lessons and processes of the Work as arranged on the Tree of Life as a map of both creation and initiation.

This gate may be entered by joining the Tarot Association at and by study of our various works in this field; commencing with Tarot Flip (Katz & Goodwin), our shortest but most innovative tarot guidebook, onto Tarosophy (Katz), a unique book which blends NLP and tarot, through the ground-breaking research of Secrets of the Waite-Smith Tarot (Katz & Goodwin), the comprehensive guide to Thelema in Secrets of the Thoth Tarot (Katz), and ultimately to our most spiritual of works, Abiding in the Sanctuary (Katz & Goodwin), and magical of artifacts, the Tarot of the Secret Dawn (Bain, Goodwin, Hall & Katz).

For further reading, we presently have over fifty books published through Llewellyn Worldwide and our own Forge Press, most of which may be found through These range from mass market books such as the award-winning Around the Tarot in 78 Days (Katz & Goodwin) to esoteric writings including After the Angel (Katz) and The Mountain of Myrrh (Katz).
For those interested in Kabbalah and Tarot, we have provided two books; the introductory step-up guide, Kabbalah and Tarot, under our pen-name Andrea Green, and the more esoteric Magician’s Kabbalah (Katz).

From Association membership, our tarot teaching videos, and books on Kabbalah and Tarot, it may then be of interest to pursue studies in Western Esotericism.

We have now made available for the public over 48 hours of free Tarot video teaching sessions which were produced on a daily basis over fifty days and cover much of our specific tarot, Kabbalah and western initiatory work. These can now be found in the Tarot-On section of this site.

An alternative or parallel Gate – for all gates lead to one place – is to be found in our unique one-year tarot and spiritual experience, ARKARTIA,, which opens only four times a year for a self-study experience modelled on Tarot but including many aspects of divination, based deeply in a narrative inspired by the soul’s journey on the Tree of Life. You can join the Tachen Circle mailing list for free, which provides a 3-month ‘teaser’ and prologue to the narrative hidden inside of Arkartia.

Or, if one has existing background and/or immediate interest in Western Esotericism or Witchcraft, you might benefit from joining Magicka School at as a student. We offer there a large range of thoroughly-researched, accessible, structured and experience-based courses on subjects ranging from Herbalism to Alchemy, Spellcrafting to Mystery Schools, Witchcraft, Tarot and Candle Magick.

From there, or again, directly if you have a background and immediate interest in the Western Esoteric Initiatory System as taught by Marcus Katz, you are signposted to the Crucible Club, a one-year self-study program of our particular approach and methods developed from forty years of practical experience.

The Crucible Club is detailed at and you are invited to join that self-study program (which comes with a Facebook group for support) at any time.

At the conclusion of the Crucible, successful applicants are invited to join us in the Order of Everlasting Day, a networked group of individuals practising and sharing the Great Work in the path of exhaustion towards an initiated state of relationship with the Universe.

The work of the Order is given in overview in the MAGISTER, currently removed from public circulation for a rewrite and to be published in ten volumes over the coming decade.

The Worker is Hidden in the Workshop