Brilliant Tarot Readings with NLP

In this totally unique course, learn how to use NLP (language patterns) to deliver confident and powerful tarot readings. In material not covered in any book, you’ll practice easy ways of speaking that will make your readings brilliant – for you and your clients or friends!

Marcus Katz NLP Trainers Training
Marcus Katz NLP Trainers Course

Taught by Marcus Katz, an NLP Master Practitioner and licensed trainer with 35 years experience in both NLP and Tarot, there is nothing else like this class anywhere!

Marcus started his NLP journey in Switzerland in 1985 and received training in courses including RIchard Bandler, John Grinder, Stephen Gilligan, Doug O’Brien and many other leading teachers of NLP and Hypnotherapy. He is currently working on a book based on his private practice in the Lake District, working with clients dealing with confidence issues, weight management, phobias, insomnia, addictions and other personal issues.

Learn how to deliver a powerful tarot reading in your own voice, moving from interpretation of symbols to powerful and elegant speech patterns.

It is not the deck that makes a difference in a reading – it is you.

Only $55 for the full 60-minute video.*

* A percentage of all registrations will go to Diabetes Research (UK) in honour and memory of student Nadine Roberts.


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