Tarot Principles Course

The Tarot Principles 5 x 1hr video course is an absolutely unique course from the work of Marcus Katz, author of the ground-breaking Tarosophy.

It is the only tarot course to teach practical methods derived from the core principles of divination, which in themselves are drawn from the cards.

In effect, it is a course written from the voice of the tarot deck itself, distilled into practical, esoteric and philosophical teaching.

The five hourly lessons are a commentary on the 22 Principles of Tarot, with accompanying handouts for each principle giving all our core Tarosophy practical techniques.

The practical methods begin with our unique three-minute method of teaching tarot and culminate in ritual work, correspondences to Kabbalah, and many advanced considerations of tarot for spiritual life and work.

This course is suitable for all levels, but we recommend some experience with reading, study or our other tarot courses to get the most from this course.

The Tarot Principles was originally created as a premium course and delivered for translation and teaching of an advanced overseas group in 2019.

[0. Aim in All Things to Restore the Spiritual Dignity of Tarot.]

I. Remember that Tarot Starts and Ends from Within.

II. There is No Such Thing as an Accidental Oracle.

III. Tarot is a Connection to Meaning.

IV. All Readings are for Yourself as they are for Others.

V. The Oracular Moment is Sacrosanct.

VI. Tarot is the Loss of Forgetfulness and the Beginning of Choice.

VII. Be Confident and Considerate in All Readings.

VIII. Tarot is Recognising Relationship.

IX. Tarot is the Learning of a Lifetime.

X. Always Continue to Discover Mystery.

XI. Apply the Lessons of Tarot in Every Day.

XII. Seek to Find the Answer that is There.

XIII. Learn to Hear the Real Question.

XIV. You Do Not Need to Know Everything.

XV. Every Reading is as Important as Every Other Reading.

XVI. Prepare to Face Ten Thousand Readings.

XVII. Spreads are for Beginners. Later, One Reads Only the Cards.

XVIII. Learn the Meanings with Precision, Reading is another Matter.

XIX. See the Spaces Between the Cards.

XX. Be Serious in your Study but Inventive in your Practice.

XXI. Tarot is to Engage Life, Not Escape It.

*This course is mandatory for Licensed Tarosophy Tarot Trainers.


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