Tarosophists Annual Tarot & Divination Awards 2017

We are delighted to announce the winners of the largest professional awards for your favourite tarot & divination decks and books in 2017.

Congratulations to the winners of the eighth annual Tarosophists Awards 2017, which now lists in its nominees and winners such an incredibly diverse range and scope of cartomantic treasures.

The awards this year received a comprehensive range of nominees, directly from the major publishers, indie startups, geeks, nerds, and crowd-funding sites.

We also received unprecedented voting numbers into the thousands. We would like to congratulate the nominees for their work and services in making 2017 such an exciting year in Tarot.

Our […]

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Absolute Beginners Class


YOU can now catch the ABSOLUTE BEGINNER TAROT CLASS taught by one of the world’s leading authors and readers, Marcus Katz.

He’s written over thirty books on the subject, and been reading and teaching tarot for 35 years – now it’s your turn!

Here’s what people said in the live class, as we took an absolute beginner from laying out the cards for the first time to a full reading within 90 minutes!

“Marcus is a fantastic teacher, learned a lot. Puts the tarot into easy to understand words” – M.

“Great Teacher, Great Organization” – E.B.

“This was such a great starting place for me. […]

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Tarosophists Annual Tarot & Divination Awards 2017

We are delighted to open voting in the Tarot equivalent of the Oscars – the 8th annual Tarosophists Awards for Tarot and Divination 2017!

Over 2017 we saw one major publisher producing a significantly larger amount of decks than the others, a new range of “antique” decks, and another publisher switching their concentration to Oracle and “Inspiration” decks.

Also in 2017 we saw several new decks from smaller publishers, and whilst Kickstarter provided a platform for several innovative decks, there were also several decks that still remain in development hell and could not be included in the Awards for 2017.

So, the lists […]

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