What Does Tarot Reveal for the year 2024?

What Does Tarot Reveal for the year 2024? Your Guide to a Liberating, Liminal and Legendary Year.

The Tarot Cards of 2024 are the High Priestess (twice), the Fool and the Emperor. This makes 2024 a year of the continued development of the divine feminine, the ongoing fight for individual freedoms, and a year full of issues regarding leadership vs. dictatorship. It is a pivotal and important year where the choices we make as individuals (with our votes, for example) will set the course for many years to follow.

Before we look at this year in more detail, we will briefly look at how we derive these tarot cards for the year.

Unveiling Your Esoteric Path with The High Priestess, The Fool, and The Emperor.

In the simplest numerology method applied to a year we add up the individual digits and (reducing if necessary) use the sum to state which of the tarot Major Arcana is “the tarot card of the year”. As examples:

1997 = 1 + 9 + 9 + 7 = 26 = 2 + 6 = 8 which is the STRENGTH tarot card.

2019 = 2 + 0 + 1 + 9 = 12 which is the HANGED MAN tarot card.

2024 = 2 + 0 + 2 + 4 = 8, also the STRENGTH tarot card.

However, in Tarosophy we also look at each individual digit as illustrated by its corresponding tarot card, 0 – 9, to see what “combination” of forces is most applicable for the year. In effect, this is a tarot card reading for the year at its most universal level. It also means that any and every year is always illustrated by a combination of the first ten tarot cards of the Major Arcana, which in turn are illustrations of the basic component numbers 0 – 9.

So 1997 in this way of working would be the Magician, the Hermit (twice) and the Chariot tarot cards, being cards 1, 9, 9 (again) and 7. When a tarot card appears twice, it has added influence on the year.

In this method then, 2024, as delineated by the tarot Major Arcana, we will find ourselves under the auspices of The High Priestess (2) twice, The Fool (0), and The Emperor (4). Each card, resonating with the numerology of 2024, serves as both a challenge, a resource and a lesson of the year, guiding us through the year’s esoteric landscape. At the end of this article you will find two methods of applying these tarot cards to get the most out of your year 2024.

Let us first take a look at the individual tarot cards of the year 2024, and our graphic for the year, which illustrates the High Priestess as central (due to there being two 2’s in the year) and a female Fool to one side and a male Emperor to the other side.

The High Priestess: Guardian of the Sacred Veil (Echoed Twice)

Our first tarot card for this year is the High Priestess, appearing not once but twice as she will do for this decade 2020 – 2029. Her energy is particularly emphasized and required over these ten years – a quickening of the divine feminine, intuition and authenticity.

The High Priestess is the custodian of the arcane, the keeper of secrets veiled in the shadows of our consciousness, so her message is one of profound introspection and spiritual communion. In the coming year, her doubled presence is a clarion call to delve into the depths of our inner realms, seeking the hidden truths that lie within. She implores us to embrace the sanctity of our intuition, to listen to the silent whispers of our inner sanctuary, revealing mysteries known only to the soul.

As the deepest image of the Shekinah, the presence of the divine in the everyday, the High Priestess card asks us to look through the surface of the world and see the deep meaning in every event and situation. Her scroll is the one law which states “make this mean something.”

Our next card of the year is one that has been with us from the beginning of the century, and will remain with us until 2099, being the travelling yet ever-present Fool.

The Fool: Wayfarer of Infinite Possibilities and the Spirit of Freedom

In the cosmic dance of 2024, The Fool emerges as a symbol of possibility and fearless exploration. He is the embodiment of the primordial spirit, the eternal wayfarer at the edge of the unknown. The Fool invites us on an initiatory journey of self-discovery, urging us to embrace the untrammelled breezes of adventure with an unburdened heart. He represents the essence of our inner connection, a call to embark on a journey into the uncharted realms of possibility, both in the outer world and the depths of our own being.

The Fool is literally the spirit itself, knowing its source in its own presence. It says to us “know I am here always” and encourages us to jump into the future with a light step and heart. The knapsack or bag of the Fool contains all our hard-earned experience, and the Dog symbolises Faith, that which is the evidence of things unseen.

The Emperor: The Architect of Will and Manifested Dreams

As we make our way through the year, the Emperor stands as a testament to order, dominion, and the manifestation of will. He is the sovereign of the material realm, commanding us to seize the reins of our destiny. In 2024, the Emperor beckons us to rise as architects of our fate, to construct the edifices of our dreams with unwavering resolve and clarity. He embodies the ram’s relentless force (Aries), urging us to shatter the barriers that hinder our path and to forge our reality with the sceptre of our will.

If we build our empire from the heart, from spirit and in connection with the divine or highest truth to which we can attain, all will be well. We rise to ourselves to embody the freedom of will and the greatest good, in doing so we encourage those around us to do likewise. There is no control with the Emperor, merely the natural order of things. We must each “take our chances and place our bets” this year, but do so knowing the long-term consequences to the collective.

The Confluence of Mystical Energies in 2024

In the tapestry of 2024, these tarot archetypes provide us a potent alchemy. The High Priestess, with her double presence in the temple of truth, sits between the pillars of mystical insight and inner alchemy. She beckons us to the sacred waters of introspection, where wisdom flows in silent currents. The Fool, in his boundless exuberance, infuses this spiritual voyage with a zest for the unexplored, kindling our hearts with the flames of wonder and boundless curiosity. And grounding this celestial journey is The Emperor, whose steadfast energy and action manifests our ethereal visions into the clay of reality.

Thus, for us at the individual level, 2024 emerges as a year of profound self-reflection, adventurous exploration, and decisive creation – and creative decisions. It is a year for each of us to weave our own threads of intuition, curiosity, and action into a tapestry of personal evolution and mastery.

The tarot cards have spoken, and their message resounds through the avenues of time: This year, 2024, embrace and be empowered by your own journey to freedom, and make your choices wisely – to whom you give control will shape our realities for many years to follow.

The Three Tarot Mantras for the Year 2024

You may wish to recall these tarot card energies during the year to align yourself to their currents. You could write the following in your tarot journal, diary, on the fridge or place them above your altar. You could simply say them each morning for a chosen period of time:

Make this Mean Something.

I am Here Always.

My Will is my Action.

Another method is to place the cards (using a spare deck or two for the two High Priestess cards, alternatively arrange the High Priestess card from one deck a little higher than the other two cards) on your altar, desk, bedside table or wherever it may regularly be in your sight. This makes a miniature tarot temple for your gaze to activate whenever you look  at it.

Those advanced practitioners who have experience of ritual can use the three cards as the deities of a temple ritual and the four stages of the consecration of their forces in a ceremony.

We hope you enjoy this glimpse into the powerful patterns of the tarot each year and wish you a liberating (Fool), liminal (High Priestess) and legendary (Emperor) year 2024.

– Marcus Katz, author of Tarosophy.

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