Power Up Your New Years Resolutions Using Tarot Card Reading

Welcome to a unique approach to New Year’s resolutions—one that draws upon the wisdom of the Tarot and tarot reading, a centuries-old system of divination and self-discovery. In this method, we will harness the power of the 22 Major Arcana cards, the symbolic heart of the Tarot deck, to guide you on a short journey of self-reflection, growth, and lasting change through tarot reading.

The Major Arcana, often referred to as the “Trump cards,” are a collection of archetypal images and allegorical narratives that explore the profound dimensions of the human experience. Each card represents a facet of life’s journey, making them ideal for tarot reading, from the freedom of The Fool to the wholeness of The World. Through their symbolism, they offer profound insights into our desires, challenges, and opportunities, which can be unlocked through tarot reading.

This unique tarosophy method invites you to engage with the Tarot as a tool for self-exploration, introspection, and intention-setting through tarot reading in a scripted and pro-active way. By aligning each Major Arcana card with a specific aspect of your life, you will embark on a transformative quest to set meaningful resolutions that resonate with your innermost self through tarot reading. As you navigate the Tarot’s archetypal landscapes through reading the script and looking at the associated cards, you may also automatically uncover hidden motivations, gain clarity on your aspirations, and discover a profound connection between your personal growth and the universal forces at play.

Whether you’re a seasoned Tarot enthusiast or a complete newcomer to the mystical world of divination and tarot reading, this method is designed to be accessible and enriching for all. So, as you stand at the threshold of a new year, open your heart and mind to the wisdom of the Tarot, and let it guide you on a transformative journey toward manifesting your New Year’s resolutions with depth and authenticity through tarot reading. Embrace the power of the 22 Major Arcana in your tarot reading, and prepare to embark on a path of self-discovery and personal growth unlike any other.

The New Years Resolution Tarot Reading

In this unique Tarosophy method of tarot reading for new years resolutions, take the 22 Major Arcana of the tarot out of your favourite tarot deck. Arrange them in a stack by numerical order, starting with the zero or unnumbered Fool card and the World card at the bottom of the stack.

Have the Fool card face up and state the first of the resolutions, numbered zero, below. Allow a moment for any impressions, feelings or intuitions to arise, and then take the card and place the card face down next to the stack, leaving the next card, the Magician, now face up at the top of the stack.

Look at the Magician card and state the numbered (1) new years resolution below, again leaving time for any feelings to arise – even words or images. Let these arise and flow, you do not need to record or write them down unless you wish for later reflection.

Then repeat the process for all 22 Major Arcana cards, ending with the World card and the new years resolution below numbered 21.

The power of reading tarot is that these archetypal symbols of the Major Arcana will automatically awaken and apply their resources to your life. They represent powerful patterns of relationship and behaviour, of learning and insight. And as the tarot has usefully arranged them in a very particular order, when we frame our actions and decisions in this same order, it brings the natural forces of the entire universe to our assistance.

In following years, you may wish to rewrite these lines to suit your increasing experience and understanding of tarot, which is encouraged – and as a member of the Tarot Association, you can quickly learn how to make these messages and cards apply to your own life!

The 22 New Year Resolutions of Tarot

0. Without pause, I will step into every experience and engage it fully, as if it were my last.

1. Without doubt, I will create wilfully, wantonly, astonishingly and authentically.

2. Without blinking, I will connect only to my deepest source and quietest voice.

3. Without cessation, I will recognise that Nature teaches me all that I need to know.

4. Without hesitation, I will not go back, nor return, nor halt for those who face backwards.

5. Without shame, I will teach what I need to teach and learn what I should learn.

6. Without guilt, I will love life and connect to all that is in relationship with truth.

7. Without stopping, I will act as if every moment were my last.

8. Without fear, I will wrestle both my angels and my demons, and be their measure.

9. Without need, I will find myself in my own company and recover my own light in that place.

10. I will turn the Wheel and not be turned upon it, I will be the Wheel but not be bound upon it.

11. With my eyes open, I will see truth manifest in all things beneath the lie.

12. With my face forward, I will stand in the light of my highest values in every situation.

13. With joy, I will laugh and embrace every opportunity for ceaseless change.

14. With peace, I will comprehend that my garden is divinely designed for my gardening.

15. With courage, I will realise that all shadows are in themselves terrified.

16. With energised enthusiasm, I will break down what imprisons me and build my freedom.

17. With vision abiding in the sanctuary, I will write with the language of stars.

18. With utter abandon, I will tread out into what adventure awaits in that which I do not yet know.

19. With awareness, I will encompass the follies of others.

20. With my own ears, I will hear the calling in the clamour, the signal in the noise.

21. There will be no pause, doubt or blinking, no cessation or hesitation, no shame nor guilt, I will not stop, I will not fear. There is no need. I will turn with my eyes open, my face forward. Where I am there is joy and peace. I find courage, enthusiasm and vision abiding. With utter abandon and in full awareness I answer all that calls me to attend the hidden sanctuary of the World.

This text was composed by Marcus Katz, author of Tarosophy and co-founder of the Tarosophy Tarot Association.