Reading the Tarot with a Younger Person

The Four Pages [Reading for Younger People]

Here is a way of reading Tarot fast for younger people. It’s from something we wrote over ten years ago now has been road-tested and refined from hundreds of face-to-face readings with young people aged 14-19, with parental permission.

You need to take the four Pages out of the deck.

Ask the person to select which of the four Pages they’d like to represent them.

Put the other three Pages back in the deck.

Take their Page and show it again to them saying, “This is you, walking into the future. Let the cards show us something that will always help you in your life, and something that you should set your sights on”.

Place the Page somewhere in the deck and shuffle.

Ask the young person to tell you when to stop.

Then turn the deck face up and carefully look through the cards until you find their Page. Give that Page card to the person to hold.

The card ABOVE it is what they should aim for, a means of them framing their ambition in life, and the card BELOW is something that they can always call upon for support, if they recognise it.

You can word this, for example, as “Ah! You have the Six of Swords above you in life – this shows you should always go the distance, go out into the world and travel – or expand your horizons through learning and education. Get out there! Then you have the Seven of Wands carrying you through life. This shows you will always be able to keep your balance despite opposition. When the going gets tough, you will be able to stand your ground. Never forget this card. These two cards are your invisible friends in your life”.

This works great with groups of young people too, they all want to have a turn! It helps if you perform it like a “magic trick” too, with a bit of flair and mystery.