Past Lives Tarot Reading Spread: Ancient Echoes

Ancient Echoes is an innovative method for discovering past-lives and their bearing on the present.

This is a Tarosophy “split-deck” method so first you will need to separate the Court Cards, Major Arcana and Minor Arcana into three stacks.

Take the Court Cards and shuffle. Lay out one card in the centre of the table with the words “This is the nature of my Soul in present-time”.

Take the Minor Cards and shuffle. Lay out two cards around the Soul card and say “This is the nature of my lifetime in this life”.

Once again, take the Court Cards and shuffle, looking at the two Minor cards. Take out one card and place it to one side (top/bottom, left/right) of the Minor cards and say “This is an echo of my previous lifetime self”.

Take the Major cards and shuffle. Select a card and lay it down between the two Court cards, saying “This is the Karmic lesson I must learn in this lifetime”.

Take the Minor cards again and shuffle, considering the Major card of the Karmic lesson. Select out two cards and place them against the previous life Court Card, saying “This was the nature of that previous life”. Weave a story from those cards.

You can keep repeating this method, by laying out another Karmic Lesson Major Card for the previous life Court Card, and working outwards in echoes through all previous lifetimes.

You may choose to notice whether the previous life Minor cards are predominately male or female, particular suits denoting employment, and other such details.

You might also like to align your Karmic Lesson cards in a row and see if you discern any progression or pattern in those Major cards.