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Do you share our passion for Tarot? Here at Tarosophy Tarot Association you will find a home for your interest in the Tarot. As a member you will receive support and guidance, at every level, whether you are an absolute beginner or experienced tarot reader. You will join members who use the tarot for divination, fortune-telling, self-discovery, art, fun and personal insight.

With over thirty years of teaching experience and tens of thousands of students like you sharing our social networks, you are guaranteed a warm welcome and friendly support, developing your tarot in ways you may not yet imagine!

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Your membership includes $220 value of instant access to Tarosophist International, the world’s leading Tarot magazine, with hundreds of articles by acknowledged tarot authors and teachers including Mary K. Greer, Rachel Pollack, Lon Milo Duquette, Tali Goodwin, Marcus Katz, Barbara Moore, and many other members.

Join TODAY and get a FREE 5-week self-study Tarot Course in the Tarosophy method of learning Tarot, that takes just ten minutes to start to master the entire deck!


TEN HOURS OF VIDEO LESSONS for all levels, but particularly beginners, the Tarot Navigator Course! Delivered by leading authors Marcus Katz & Tali Goodwin, we will take you by the hand and lead you through the Tarot Maze, covering ten hours of material from the history of tarot, how to learn the deck, how to do readings for other people or yourself, recommended decks and much more!

12 DAYS OF TAROT – A 12 x 10 minute Video Course for all members teaching simple ways to use your deck with tarot cynics, for impossible questions, read for couples and more!

And after your first year with us, you’ll find there’s more every year for you with our Loyalty Rewards! Receive a FREE Tarot Deck on your second year of membership! When you renew your annual membership with the Association at the end of your first year, we will send you a TAROT OF THE ELVES deck from Lo Scarabeo, followed each year by another new deck! This is just the first of many loyalty rewards being organised for our members!


Have you discovered a special LO SCARABEO invitation card, which appear in every recent Lo Scarabeo Tarot deck? If you have a card, you are invited to join us with 15% off your first year … just click here.

If you do not see your national Tarosophy Tarot Association in the quick list below, please navigate to All International Associations and select your national tarot association. See you soon!


  • Membership Benefits

    • 23 Issues in archive + 4/year of Tarosophist International Tarot magazine.
    • Free 5-Week Self-Study Tarot Course for all levels.
    • Free 12 x micro-classes on Tarot Skills for Practical Reading
    • Free 10-HOUR "Tarot Navigator" Course with exclusive material
    • Free Tarot Video classes from leading teachers, exclusive materials, news and special offers.
    • Membership Certificate & Logos.
    • Members-Only Site, exclusive membership site with videos from worlds leading teachers.
    • Promotion of your site/work in our active Facebook discussion group with 14,750+ participants!
    • For professionals, promotion of your services and products to over 250,000 people through our Facebook page of 35,000+ LIKES.
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