Tarot History

What is the real history of tarot?

We get asked a lot about the origin of Tarot cards in our Facebook group and by students, so we have provided below several recommended books on the presently researched and known history of the cards.

The tarot appears to have originated in Italy in the 15th Century, the earliest name being ‘carte da trionfi’ (cards of the triumphs). Some time later, about 50-100 years, certainly by 1505, they became known as ‘tarocchi’ in Italy and ‘taraux’ in France.

There is no evidence these types of cards were used by ‘gypsies’ nor is there any evidence […]

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The Goddess of the Black Gate

Welcome to the Goddess of the Black Gate, a unique tarot experience from Tarosophy starting on 5th August 2017.

Join us in this new Gated Tarot Spread experience, as we celebrate together the first harvest of the year – and weave some magick!

In this online week-long tarot learning experience, you will follow the adventures of the beloved Sumerian Goddess, Inanna, using tarot and actions in your everyday life to create positive changes in the real world and yourself.

As with all Tarosophy experiences, you will also find yourself easily learning new tarot techniques, quickly developing your understanding of the tarot cards.

You will find […]

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Tarot Temple

Welcome to the Tarot Temple, a unique tarot experience for the Spring Equinox (March 20th 2017) brought to you by licensed Tarosophy Trainer Steph Engert.

In this  7-day online method you will experience – with nothing more than a 78-card tarot deck – a profound journey to meet your inner Hierophant and work with the four elements of the Tarot.

You will use the simple series of “gated spreads” to carry out tarot card readings, take actions in the real world and make discoveries in your life based on these spreads.

We aim for you to journey with us to the Tarot Temple in Tarot Town, experiencing […]

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