Facebook Tarot Teams

We have 22 Teams engaged in free and optional group games and competitions – sometimes with prizes – on our Tarot Association public Facebook Group.

The Teams are currently (in descending order of Tarot Major Arcana so far):

The Lunastri
Tarot Stars
Team Babel
The Imps
Team Iris
The Transformers
Team Pendent
The Adjustors
Team Big Wheel
The Lantern Carriers
The Lions
The Charioteers
Team Apple
The Sacred
Team of Thrones
The Earth Angels
The Veiled
Team Mercury (formerly Magical Maelstrom)

If you would like to take part, you can join in any time and you don’t have to be a member of the Association … although it helps 😉

Simply select a team for yourself, pull a card maybe to help you decide, and watch out for the semi-regular competitions on our Tarot Facebook group!