The 21 Principles of Tarot – II

Tarot Principles 2

II. There is No Such Thing as an Accidental Oracle

Welcome to the second easy lesson for our FREE 21-lesson course in Tarot – ideal for beginners and unlike any other tarot course you’ll find!

The Tarot is a Connection and a Communication.

It provides us a glimpse of a living mystery.

Everything is oracular when we are in connection with our universe through our own unique experience & knowledge.

So, every event is a communication.

Remember then, from the very beginning, that a tarot reading is one glimpse – in that very moment – of an infinite number of connections.

This will never be any different, from the beginning to the end.



There are 1.2 Trillion possible combinations of 78 Cards in 10 Positions of the Celtic Cross.

To put that in perspective, if you worked through one unique combination of the Celtic Cross every SECOND without repeating yourself, it would take approximately

32,000 YEARS

to lay  all possible combinations out.

Think about that.

It is likely when YOU perform a Celtic Cross 10-card reading with 78 cards, not one human being – ever – will come across that exact spread of 10 cards. Not ever.

We have only had Tarot on the planet for about 300 years, and if we imagine since then, even if 1,000 readers EVERY DAY are laying out at least ONE Celtic Cross, and none have been the same so far, that’s only 109 million combinations – 109,000 days with 1,000 spreads a day.

That’s ONLY .009% of the total number of combinations.

Your Selection and layout of cards is most probably a truly unique moment in the universe. Really.

YOU (and your client) may be the only human being(s) to ever see that particular combination of cards when you lay out a 10-card (or more) reading.

So …

Today, we do one simple task – before we even get down to ‘interpreting’ or ‘reading’.

Shuffle. Take 10 Cards from your deck.

Lay them out in ANY way you like, Celtic Cross or in a line, a cross, a triangle – anything.

Just spend today contemplating the uniqueness of your cards.

You DO NOT HAVE to “read” the cards, look at them particularly (unless you want to – they may have a message) – just lay them out.

We may come back to these cards over the next three weeks, so just in case, make a note of them or take a photo.

You can share them with others in our Facebook group to appreciate how different is every layout – and deck, of course.

However, whilst you think about this – do one more thing – see if you can apply that realisation of uniqueness to AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE IN YOUR LIFE today.

You may wonder at your uniqueness. At the combinations. At the singleness of each moment. And perhaps, you may become aware of connections.

And even, a communication.






Be aware all day of obvious things – a found item, a chance encounter, an overheard word, a weird triviality, a line from a song, a radio, a gift, a meme …

Each of the 21 Principles gently builds together to give you absolute confidence in reading tarot in just three weeks!

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