A Summer Solstice Spread to Connect to Your Higher Self

At the Summer Solstice, when the sun is at its height and the light is longest, we take a moment to connect to our highest values. In this spread, we shuffle and select 9 cards and lay them out in a radiant circle.

Summer Solstice Tarot Spread

We then read the cards as follows, in a solar spiral:

1. Bright Core – The card of your present burning, what can fuel you and sustain you. Own it, burn with it.

2. Radiance – How you can express yourself best, how you can communicate.

3. Subtle Light – An odd position which shows some insight into a particular issue of your life that needs a new light.

4. Shine – How you can get out of your own way, something to go around, let go or pass by.

5. Summer Party – A card which shows what you bring to everyone else around you when you are most true. Do it more.

6. Ancient Light – What to leave behind in shadow.

7. Easy Living – What you can learn from your past to get on with things more easily in the future.

8. Glory – What your Higher Self wants you to remember most today.

9. Spark – What your Higher Self wants you to do more in future.

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