A Midsummer Tarot Spell for Transforming Relationships

Today we bring, with a sprinkle of pixie dust, especially for Midsummers day, a powerful Tarot reading to divine for true love and healthy relating. Time to wake up from the illusion of Midsummer night’s eve! We time-travel to a magical realm all of its own, where a dream can become real, and the real can be seen as a dream …

This method is one of many in Tarosophy® where it starts very gently and then deepens quickly to provide profound insight. It is a tarot reading to help you make your mind up in the pursuit of true love and relationships.

You can try this yourself, offer it your friends and clients.

This method is simply called: “Love Me/Love Me Not” and uses the whole deck, magically dividing three times (a spell) to reveal an 8-card spread, optionally a 16-card spread for more intermediate and advanced readers. It also uses the magical terms of alchemy and the base card – with a little twist to produce a special “Altar Card” for midsummer enchantment.

And who knows, at this time of year the magick is strong, and even the performing of this spell may weave its own subtle changes…

Love Me/Love Me Not

1. Take the entire deck and shuffle whilst considering a relationship.

2. Place the deck face-down and then turn face-up and take the bottom card, which is the “base card”. This indicates the real basis on which the relationship is founded.

3. Take the remaining 77-card deck and deal face-down alternately into two piles, left and right, saying “Love me” and “Love me not” as you lay down each card. The “love me” pile is the first, to your left, and the “love me not” is the pile to the right.

4. You will have one card remaining in your hand; this should be placed on top of the base card, and is your special Summer Solstice Altar card. This indicates the enchantment required in your relationship at this time. It could also be a card indicating a need to break an enchantment!

5. Next, discard the “love me not” pile and pick up the “love me” pile to your left.

6. Alternately place this deck into two new piles left and right saying “they love me”, “they love me not” as before. This is the second spell.

7. Discard the “love me not” pile and repeat again for a third time (the charm) with the “love me” pile.

8. You should now have two piles of 9 cards in the “love me” (left) and “love me not” positions and one card remaining in your hand.

9. Place this final card face-down until you have read the two piles. This card is your “result” card from the question “Loves Me/Loves Me Not”!

10. We now read the “love me” pile by turning them face-up and reading each card one at a time, according to the alchemical spread below, or as a simple story or purely intuitive, non-fixed reading.

I have used alchemical terms so that the cards indicate the way in which you can use alchemy to transform that area of your life into a more romantic or spiritual connection.

Alchemical Spread

You can read the LOVE ME pile as follows or simply make a story of your 9 cards:

1. Calcination – This first card is all about the pacing of the passion. The card in this positon indicates whether you need to change the tempo of the tune of your relationship as alchemy as all about transformation!

2. Solution – How can the waters of love heal any hurt in this relationship?

3. Coagulation – What most holds us together?

4. Sublimation – How can I go beyond the ploys and plays in this relationship? On what part of the game in this relationship am I most dependent and needs releasing?

5. Mortification – What must be destroyed and transformed?

6. Separation – What is my own role in this and all my relationships?

7. Conjunction – What can I embrace to be true to my instincts?

8. Projection– What is the gift I bring to others through this relationship?

9. Synthesis – What is the summary of the positive sides of this relationship?

Lovers from Tarot of the Sevenfold Mystery by Robert Place

Deepening the Reading

You can also read the “love me not” pile as follows, comparing (pairing) the cards in the same position/order in both piles.

1. Calcination – What spark is burning out in this relationship?

2. Solution – What is slowly dissolving in this relationship?

3. Coagulation – In what way does my fear of rejection play out in this relationship?

4. Sublimation – How can I elevate this relationship to a more spiritual level?

5. Mortification – What deadens this relationship? Where is the lead that must be turned to gold?

6. Separation – What is the role of the other person in this relationship?

7. Conjunction – How do I come together on the physical level with the other person?

8. Projection – What do they project onto me?

9. Synthesis – What is the summary of the negative/shadow sides of this relationship?

The Result Card

You can now turn up that “result” card and get a final answer to your question, in the light of all you have read!

This method can be extremely powerful at uncovering points of transformation within a relationship at any stage. It is a wonderful reading to do at the Summer Solstice as the light shines so brightly upon all relationships, offering nurture, healing and openness to change. And if your reading is somewhat more challenging than you would want …

“If we shadows have offended,
Think but this, and all is mended,
That you have but slumber’d here
While these visions did appear.
And this weak and idle theme,
No more yielding but a dream …”

If you would like to join us on a special online “summer holiday” experience into the world of Tarot, check out our Summer Holiday in Tarot here!

Further Reading

Love & Limerance: The Experience of Being in Love, Dorothy Tennov

The Mystery of Human Relationship: Alchemy and the Transformation of the Self, Nathan Schwartz-Salant

Tarot of the Sevenfold Mystery by Robert Place athttp://thealchemicalegg.com/Tarot.html