Tarot Time Traveller 4-Lesson Online Video Course

Take the Tarot Time-Traveller course and get the latest and most comprehensive course in the history of tarot!

In these four online classes, you will learn playing-card reading, Lenormand and Tarot card reading from the actual sources through time.

This course is created from thirty-five years of experience and decades of research, presenting material in a lively and interactive fashion from our latest book, Tarot Time Traveller (Llewellyn, November 2017).

In these 4 x 90-minute video classes you will learn;

  • Tarot Reading by Stages
  • Lenormand Traditional Reading
  • Modern Tarot Methods for the Top Ten Questions
  • Tarot Magick through the Ages.

The classes can be taken independently, or as a block, and come with exclusive handouts of material from our primary sources, collections and archives around the world.

They will be held online commencing Sunday October 8th, 7pm UK time, but you can catch them any time after the live recording and study them at your own pace for as long as you wish.

This course is suitable for absolute beginners who will gain a comprehensive way of reading cards, to experienced readers who wish to complete their knowledge of the history of tarot reading.


1. Tarot Reading by Stages: Early playing card reading methods and playing card meanings + the fan method + good cards and bad cards + 1930’s-1950’s womens magazines methods + how your grandmother learnt playing cards and tarot + reading for men and women + making stories from symbols and applying them to life.

OUTCOME: By the end of this 90-minutes video class you will be able to understand the methods and meanings of playing cards, and how they were popular in women’s magazines, with fun methods for parties and social gatherings with friends.

Class One Fee … $75

2. Lenormand Traditional Reading: How real things became dream symbols + how coffee grinds and sherbert were read + board games in Europe + Coffee Cards as a moral teaching device + the Game of Hope + the first Lenormand card meanings + made-up traditions + modern Lenormand + Grand Tableaux.

OUTCOME: By the end of this 90-minute video class, you will be able to appreciate the whole history of Lenormand cards and see how they are a blend of the most ancient dream symbolism and european christian symbolism.

You will be able to approach a 36-card reading with confidence.

Class Two Fee … $75

3. Modern Tarot Methods for the Top Ten Questions: You will see 86,000 questions asked of tarot readers over 8 years and select the top ten questions always asked + a unique method for reading for each of the ten questions. We will review card meanings and our method of pin-pointing and bridging between symbols to weave powerful and confident readings.

OUTCOME: By the end of this 90-minute video class, you will be able to read tarot cards for the majority of questions asked of real tarot card readers.

You will also have a range of methods to ensure your readings are fluid, confident and assured.

Class Three Fee … $75

4. Tarot Magick through the Ages: Using often unpublished material from the magical Order of the Golden Dawn and the diaries of magicians and mystics, we will trace ways of using tarot to view the universe and your life through Kabbalah and Alchemy.

You will see how correspondences work to deepen your experience of the world and see magic in everyday situations. We will also work a little magic to give you methods of generating your own personal mystic insights into life.

OUTCOME: By the end of this 90-minute video class, you will be able to create your own mystical writings based on tarot and your own life. You will be able to use correspondences to empower your tarot readings and deepen their significance for yourself or clients.

You will be able to read magical writings with a new understanding of their significance.

Class Four Fee … $75

COURSE OUTCOME: By the completion of these four classes, you will understand the deep thread that runs through tarot from the very first meanings applied to playing cards to the writings of obscure mystics and magicians. You will see how tarot can be used in everyday readings or for profound insight.

It is our intention that you will leave the course with confidence in your understanding of tarot history in a practical way, and excited to explore the spaces between the material and times we have covered together.

Take the Whole Course … $275

Truly A Course Unlike Any Other!

This course contains exclusive research material from the original sources of Lenormand, Tarot, Tarot Magic and Occultism – including Aleister Crowley’s handwritten journals, diaries and notebooks!

It contains magical insights from the unpublished writings of the actual members of the original Golden Dawn!

You will learn card-reading from rare magazines from our private collection – perhaps read by your grandmother or her mother – and from our visits to archives and museums around the world.

It is our most concise and comprehensive course to date, celebrating thirty years of study and practice. We look forward to sharing this time-travel adventure with you!


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