Tarosophy Tarot Awards 2014

The Tarosophy Awards 2014 Voted by Tarot Professionals


We are delighted to announce the fifth annual TAROSOPHISTS awards. These are nominated and voted by many hundreds of tarot professionals worldwide, and represent the industry and profession in a diverse community.

The award-winners are announced to an audience of over 100,000+ people through our social networks and are promoted over the following year through our magazine, Tarosophist International and Facebook Page, now reaching 250,000+ people through promotion.

We would like to congratulate the winners this year and thank all our association members, volunteers, and staff for their engagement in what has been a dynamic year for Tarot.

Tarosophist of the Year 2014

Lonnie Scott

Check out Lonnie’s official site at www.tarotheathen.com and enjoy his wisdom, humour and dynamic approach to Tarot.


Young Tarosophist of the Year 2014

Lisa Boswell

Discover Lisa’s brilliant blog at https://lisaboswell.wordpress.com/ and see why her work made her instant choice of many for Young Tarosophist of the Year.


Tarot Deck (Mass Market Published) of the Year 2014

CHRYSALIS TAROT (US GAMES) by Toney Brooks and Holly Sierra.

Get your copy of the Tarot Deck of 2014 at any good outlet! A unique and accessible combination of design and art features lifted this deck straight to the top of the most-rated deck of tarot professionals world-wide.


Self-Published Lenormand Deck of the Year 2014


A prior winner of Self-Published Tarot Deck of the Year with the Tyldwick Tarot and a fan favourite here at Tarosophy Towers, Neil’s new Malpertuis Lenormand Deck took the prize from a long list for its elegant and enigmatic design.


Studio/Self-Published Tarot Deck of the Year 2014

THE ALICE TAROT by Baba Studio (Magic Realist Press)
Karen Mahony & Alex Ukolov

A triumph of design and a work of love, beautiful, accessible, familiar and yet slightly curious, the Alice Tarot Deck has found a welcome on the tables of Tarot professionals worldwide.


Individual Self-Published Tarot Deck of the Year 2014


One of the Tarot Associations “Top 50 Essential Decks”, the Zirkus Magi Tarot takes a carnival theme to the tarot in an inspired and witty design. It is also capable of providing surprises in readings to even the most experienced tarot professional.


Self-Published MAJORS-ONLY Tarot Deck of the Year 2014


The contemporary and stylish Tabula Mundi was brought to our attention by voters and is a wonderful discovery and delight.


Mass-Market book published in 2014

Holistic Tarot by Benebell Wen (North Atlantic Books)

A book that made it by a razor’s-edge into 2014, the Holistic Tarot is a huge compendium of Tarot knowledge with comprehensive guides to reading tarot in a straight-forward and holistic manner.


Tarot Event/Installation/Experience of the Year 2014

Wheel of Fortune – Burning Man 2014
by Anne Staveley & Jill Sutherland

Bringing the Tarot to life in an immersive experience like not other, the Wheel of Fortune at Burning Man 2014 was a sacred space for Tarot in 2014.


Reproduction/historical Tarot deck (Marseilles, Wirth, Etteilla, etc.) 2014

Le Tarot Noir, de Matthieu Hackière & Justine Ternel

Le Tarot Noir is available from the French Distributor here and provides a striking re-working of the Marseilles Tarot, dark, perhaps disturbing, and yet remaining true to its 15th century source.


Oracle Deck of the Year 2014

Sacred Rebels Oracle by Alana Fairchild & Autumn Skye Morrison (Blue Angel Publishing)

A 40-card oracle deck with affirming messages of authenticity, the Sacred Rebels Oracle deck caught the eye of many Tarot professionals and stood out amongst several other nominations for Oracle Deck of the Year.