The 21 Principles of Tarot – XI

Tarot Principles 11

Apply the Lessons of Tarot in Every Day


Tarot is an application of wisdom in life.

Our readings allow us to look through the World.

Tarot shows us that every day is a challenge, a resource, a lesson.

So, we seek wisdom not only in the tarot but in life.

Remember then, from the very beginning, to see the way of wisdom in the cards.

This will never be any different, from the beginning to the end.


Extended Commentary

The Living Wisdom of Tarot, ‘Tarosophy’, is a set of principles and approaches to the methods of cartomancy. It takes the act of divination into everyday life and uses tarot as a language. As a result, we learn to see life as an active illustration of our connection to the divine. We learn to learn from life. Every day becomes an opportunity to make progress to a deeper sense of reality, a deeper presence.


In this exercise, we take the stuck and cyclic pattern we discerned yesterday and use it as a question back to the Minor Arcana.

Select out the forty Minor Arcana of the Deck.

Consider your two Major Arcana from the previous Wheel exercise and the manner in which these illustrated a pattern in which you are presently stuck.

Ask the cards as you shuffle, “what one thing can I do today that will be a lesson in making progress from this presently stuck pattern?”

Or you can word it as you wish, such as “What can I do to escape this Wheel?”

Ensure that it is a “doing” question. The Minor Arcana are events and situations, relationships and dynamics – they are things that happen or actions you take.

Select out one card.

Lay it face-up and take it as the first answer. What is it that is pictured for you to do?

Then allow another question to arise as you look at this card and consider its suggestion.

You may ask for more clarity, or warning, or a further “how exactly?”

Imagine you are talking it over with a friend. Nothing heavy, just a conversation about something to do today.

Select a point on the card which symbolises your next question or strikes you as needing more explanation.

Shuffle and take another card.

Lay it out on the first card, placing the corner on the part of the first card which you chose as representing your next question.

You can stop at this point or repeat the process again with this second card, engaging in a live conversation with your Minor Arcana.

Do not forget that you are still working from the first question – “What can I do today …?”

When you have an answer with which you are happy and can do today, pack up your cards and go do it.

It may be, that whilst doing it or after, you realise something new about that revolving stuck pattern of the past – and how you can move on from it.

Perhaps it had something still to challenge you with, so you could grow. Perhaps it hid a powerful resource when you look at it differently. Perhaps it is now an important lesson as you see it in your past.

The Scales of Justice balance themselves in the Everyday Everything.



Considering my cards yesterday, the High Priestess and the Moon, either side of the Wheel, I shuffle the forty Minor Arcana.

The first card I draw is the 5 of Cups.

Briefly, this card says to me that “You should spend today thinking back to emotional losses to move on from my stuck pattern”.

I then look at the big black cloak on the illustration and feel how heavy it is.

So, I ask, “Is there any activity I can do whilst I do this thinking today?”

I draw the 10 of Pentacles.

This card suggests I stay at home, perhaps talk to my family.

I see the small child holding the dog, and think, “OK, is there anything I should do for myself as well as talk to my family today?”

I draw the Ace of Pentacles.

Ah. Spend some money. Not something I would have considered doing today.

I look at the open gate and ask, “On what should I spend some money today?”

I draw the 9 of Cups.

Something nice to drink and perhaps something nice to eat with it. As a treat.

I can then carry on, but for now I have some things to do today. It already feels like a good thing to do – spend time talking to family, then go and have a drink,  neither of which I had planned to do today.

What will your cards suggest for you in response to your stuck pattern?



Allow the pictures to do the talking and keep it very simple.

Take the cards literally and then work from that.

Imagine them as a friend who knows a bit about you but doesn’t really have a lot of time just now to talk to you other than offer something obvious.

The suggested action might be something very simple, such as “talk to someone” or “go for a walk” or “sit down”.



Intermediate/Advanced Exercise


Consider that you can do this reading method for any situation – select a Major Arcana card for the issue and do a two-card reading as yesterday in order to illustrate the situation. Then do a Minor Arcana reading as today in order to plot your way out of the situation.

Examples might include using the Blasted Tower to ask, “How can I regain perspective after a shock?”, or the Emperor for “What issues are causing me to feel powerless?”

This method not only gives you the answer, but something to do about it.

Each of the 21 Principles will build together and give you absolute confidence in reading tarot in three weeks.

This exercise is a modification of one of the fifty exercises found in Tarosophy: Tarot to Engage Life, Not Escape it.

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