How to Read with Three Major Cards Only [in 5 minutes]

Learn how to read with the Majors-Only in our exclusive Tarosophy exercises suitable for both beginners and advanced readers.

In just five minutes with three Major cards you can get to the heart of any situation and discover what lesson is being taught you by the universe!

We even give you the words to use for your reading, you just pick the cards.

The whole series is available to Association Members, this first lesson is available for everyone.


Majors are place-holders of patterns like the junctions that turn roads into journeys.

The usual way to learn cards is “card of the day” but we prefer to always teach cards in combination.

That makes it easier to learn to read cards in context.

So here is how we teach students to read for a question with Majors only.

This is the first lesson and a powerful method all by itself. It takes just a few minutes.

1. Take the 22 Majors out of your deck.

2. Shuffle whilst thinking of the situation or question.

3. Take the top card and the bottom card of the pile.

4. Place them side-to-side, the bottom card on the left, the top to the right.

5. Say to yourself, “Everything is going from [name of left card] towards [name of right card]”.

So, “Everything is going from the Tower to the Sun” or “Everything is going from the Devil to the Hermit”.

That may already give you some idea of the situation!

But those two cards are just describing the flow of the tide, we now need to know what to do.

With the Majors we do not get a “straight” answer, we get something we must learn or recognise.

We always know how to learn or recognise what we are given, so this is actually easy to read.

6. To discover the lesson, shuffle the remaining 20 cards whilst considering the two-card sentence.

7. Pick out one card from those 20 cards from anywhere in the stack and place it ABOVE the two other cards already laid out.

8. Say “In order that [or “so that”] I can recognise [name of card]”.

So, “In order that I can recognise the Chariot” or “In order that I can recognise the World”.

In our examples, then, we might have “Everything is going from the Tower to the Sun so that I can recognise the Chariot”.

9. Now we simply interpret that straight from our reaction to the images or look up key-words and replace them in the sentences.

Majors 1

“Everything is going from sudden change to expansion so that I can recognise my own direction” or “Everything is going from shock to growth so that I can recognise limits”, which is much the same.

Every interpretation will work because the Major cards are images of big patterns and particular junctions.

Also, we all naturally have been taught to learn lessons in this way, from our parents, peers and education; “learn to stick up for yourself”, “learn patience, save your money”, and so on.

Now it is time to learn for ourselves with our tarot deck to help us.

We would then know in this particular case that we can learn the lesson by being clear about our direction, or making boundaries. We would not be served by going with the flow or blindly agreeing with something. The reading advises that we are in a good position to be more direct and state our case, etc.

The Majors show us the currents underneath all situations and what we are being taught in order to get the most out of that current.

This is why Majors-only readings will work for even the most apparently mundane situation; everything arises from these basic principles – the Devil followed by the Tower may just be the loss of a favourite item of clothing to which you were attached, in order to learn the lesson of the Hermit, not getting so attached to things.

This is the first lesson of a series developed from how Marcus Katz used to read Major Arcana only (with reversals) in the Celtic Cross when he was just 15 years old. He was lucky because no-one had taught him that it should be difficult, because it isn’t difficult at all.

The whole series for members shows you how to practise several methods easily and quickly builds to reading the whole Celtic Cross with Majors-Only for any situation.

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