Absolute Beginners Class


YOU can now catch the ABSOLUTE BEGINNER TAROT CLASS taught by one of the world’s leading authors and readers, Marcus Katz.

He’s written over thirty books on the subject, and been reading and teaching tarot for 35 years – now it’s your turn!

Here’s what people said in the live class, as we took an absolute beginner from laying out the cards for the first time to a full reading within 90 minutes!

“Marcus is a fantastic teacher, learned a lot. Puts the tarot into easy to understand words” – M.

“Great Teacher, Great Organization” – E.B.

“This was such a great starting place for me. I’m generally quiet and mostly keep to myself, and having Marcus ask me directly to attempt to read the cards he showed me was invaluable. I really enjoyed this!” – J.S.

We have set the price of this class to be the same as the price of a new deck or book – so instead of buying yet another deck or book, why not take this class which will GET YOU READING!

Get the class now for only $15.55.