A His and Hers Relationship Spread

For relationship readings, a quick method is to shuffle your deck, split it roughly into two piles (one for each person), shuffle each pile whilst thinking of each partner and then take the top card from both decks.

Place these two cards to the left and right with a gap between them.

This tells you what is going on for each person in the relationship on the surface.

Relationship Tarot Reading Spread

A Court Card indicates the personality traits that the person is expressing in the relationship, a Minor card shows the situation that the person tends to provoke or encounter in the relationship, and a Major card reveals the archetypal pattern that is playing out through that person through the relationship.

Then put the two remaining piles together again, shuffle, and select the top and bottom cards, placing them between the two separate cards in a column.

The top card tells you what can be aimed for in the relationship between the two, and the bottom card what resources can be drawn upon to achieve that aim.

Nice, quick and simple.

There are intermediate and advanced variants to this which work further with the split deck, however, this is a good version to integrate into your readings with no fuss.

You can, for example, split the deck into the Majors, Minors and Court Cards, split those three piles into two each and then pull one card from each for each partner, showing the three facets of the relationship from either side (i.e. a Court, Minor and Major for each partner).

Then put the remaining cards from the three piles together and draw a resource and aim card after shuffling.

Implement & Experiment, but most of all Enjoy!