World Tarot Day 2017

World Tarot Day™ (May 25th) 2017 founded by Den Elder, 2003.

Tarot: No Longer What You Thought It Was.

The Tarot is a deck of 78 cards which has been used since the 15th century for game-playing, for divination and for self-discovery. It is both sacred and profane, appearing in art, media, and popular culture whilst retaining its mystery in the practice of divination, fortune-telling, and as a spiritual teaching device in western esotericism. There are over 1,000 decks in circulation, with many more being published weekly and over the last century.

World Tarot Day celebrates the renaissance of Tarot every year by highlighting and encouraging discovery of the many faces of Tarot worldwide.

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On this World Tarot Day 2017 we are delighted to be presenting our own Kickstarter for a totally new concept in Tarot which we have been working on for the last six years.

There is a FREE Tarot video course worth $300 with every pledge too, so it is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get an incredible tarot education!

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Check out the world of Arkartia and pledge today to be a part of tarot history in the making!


Thank you for your interest and we ask for your support in this global project to take tarot to a new, unexpected realm – that may be as obvious as the potato plants on the 7 of Pentacles, but secret until it is seen.

Members of the Tarosophy Tarot Association will have exclusive access to some behind-the-scenes production material and other additional benefits in the final product, so do join us soon and take part in a true tarot revolution!

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May a full deck of possibilities be yours,

Marcus & Tali

On World Tarot Day™ we celebrate the diversity of Tarot and bring Tarot to the World. Whilst there are many ways of realising this vision, you might consider:

1. Offering free Tarot readings or talks, a workshop or presentation on Tarot to an unusual group. As an example, local trade groups, lawyers, women’s institute or other professional event or charity. You can also provide talks to your local university pagan groups, through bookshops and other venues. Be aware that many venues are searching for talks on interesting topics – don’t let your own pre-conceptions of how tarot is received limit you!

2. Wear a WORLD TAROT DAY™ tee-shirt for the day or other sign of your passion for Tarot. We provide tee-shirts and other designs and contribute all income to our selected charity, Viv Timoun, supporting the charity work for children of award-winning photographer Alice Smeets in Haiti and Benin.

3. Offer someone a Tarot reading or learn and practice a new style of reading for yourself. Join the FREE Tarot Reading Exchange on Facebook for a supportive environment where you can practice and gain confidence with others!

4. Take our FREE Tarot Class LIVE at 2pm UK time (9am ET) in our Facebook group.

5. Buy a new deck or book as a personal celebration! Choose something that is outside your usual interests and increase your range! Our Facebook page has many new decks as they happen! As a member of the Association, you also receive a quarterly magazine with “Decks in Development” so you can see new decks long before anyone else!

6. You can of course take part in any of the activities organised by Tarot Professionals and in Tarot-Town at

7. Why not make your own Tarot Altar today, as demonstrated by the remarkable Carrie Paris!

8. Contact your local media with our press-sheet from the main site which details the history and use of Tarot for contemporary society, with some fun facts for media to use on the day.

9. Offer to provide a radio interview either to your local media or one of the many online radio shows.

world tarot day

10. Use the official World Tarot Day™ banner by award-winning artist Ciro Marchetti to show your support of the vision of World Tarot Day™. Please share and link to our site here at!

11. Check out posters for World Tarot Day for you to use in Russian, Arabic, Spanish, French, Bengali … on the international Facebook World Tarot Day page:

12. Follow our Twitter feed, Youtube Channel and Facebook group for more ideas throughout the week leading up to the World Tarot Day.

13. Take a TarotSelfie and post it to our Facebook group or use as your profile picture for the day! Here’s a selection from 2011:



To celebrate World Tarot Day 2017 we offer our visionary award-winning Starlight Dragon Tarot deck from Thursday May 25th to Sunday, May 28th midnight with a 10% discount.
On our Etsy shop enter coupon code worldtarotday17 on checkout.
May the dragons guide and protect you.
2. FREE 5-minute Tarot Readings with Tara
To honour World Tarot Day, Association member Tara will be offering FREE 5-minute Tarot Readings for one hour Live on FB from 2:00-3:00 pm EDT.
3. Powerful One-Card Reading with Association member Ruthann for $20
In celebration of World Tarot Daytm anyone who books a paid reading by Thursday May 25, 2017 pm EST I will charge a special rate of $20.
It will be a one-card reading. What can I tell by “just one card”? A LOT!
Just email me at: and we’ll make the appointment. Your payment will reserve your appointment.


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