Tarosophist Tarot Degree-Style Program

The Hekademia

Discover the most comprehensive Tarot course in the world, written from 35 years experience and the highest academic standard. You will see unpublished and rare material from private and academic libraries, covering the last century of Tarot and more.

This Degree-style course takes 2 years and is the pinnacle of Tarot training. Modules in Waite-Smith symbolism, the Thoth deck, Oracle Decks, Professional considerations, Numerology, the Mythic Journey, Kabbalah, and many other aspects provide a well-balanced education in Tarot for divination and personal discovery.

There are two years worth of weekly recorded videos (over 110 hours of direct tarot teaching) in the Hekademia waiting for your discovery and additional guest lecturers throughout the two-year program including leading authors and teachers, Barbara Moore, Rachel Pollack, Mary K. Greer, Kim Huggens and Robert Place.

The course is created and delivered by leading author Marcus Katz, co-founder of the Tarot Association and with 35 years experience of verified reading and study of tarot, with over 50 ground-breaking books on the subject.

The course is suitable for absolute beginners and advanced students alike, as it introduces new ways of looking at tarot that you will not find anywhere else, based on the Tarosophy practical approach supported by absolutely original research.

We use the latest on-line training technologies to assure you of an engaging, fun and fulfilling experience. In 2019 we migrated the entire course (a process that took 4 months, due to the amount of material) to a new platform which makes it playable on any device, including mobiles!

Hekademia Class
Hekademia Class with Video Presentation

You will receive regular emails containing personal links to the recorded class videos, and additional emails on a regular basis with your exclusive class materials. At various points throughout the two years you will receive the Guest Lectures for viewing.

The Most Comprehensive Tarot Course in the World

Here is a list of just some of the subjects you will be taught:

The History of Tarot – Tarot & Occultism – Contemporary Tarot – Oracular Traditions – Tarot & Psychology – Tarot & Science – Tarot & Religion – The Anglo-Saxon Oracle – Oracular Practice – I-Ching – Runes – Lenormand – Ifa (Shell) Divination – Symbolism (6 classes) – Numerology (6 classes) – Mythic Journey & Spreads (6 classes) – Tarot & Kabbalah (6 classes) – Tarot & Astrology (6 classes) – Tarot & Alchemy (6 classes) – Practical Reading Skills & Street Tarot (6 classes) – Professional Considerations & Professional Tarot Reading/Marketing (6 classes) – Tarot & Psychology (6 classes) – Developing Your Intuition & Inspiration (6 classes) – Secrets of the Thoth Tarot (6 classes) – Secrets of the Waite-Smith Tarot (6 classes) – Tarot Rites & Rituals/Tarot Magick (6 classes) – Waite-Trinick Tarot – Reversals – Golden Dawn Tarot

Tarot Assignment Showcase from Previous Students

Guest Lectures include:

A New Use for Significators (Barbara Moore) – Golden Dawn Tarot Reading Methods (Mary K. Greer) – Using Symbolism in Tarot Card Reading (Kim Huggens) – Story-Telling with Tarot (Rachel Pollack) – Alchemy & Tarot (Robert Place) and more to follow.

Student Testimonials

What students say …

This class just blew me away! The course is the perfect blend of… everything! I am speechless, I guess!

Excellent Class. A very good mix of history and practical.

A good class with lots to think about. Now I’ve got a little bit of a better understanding of the connection between the Tree of Life and the Tarot.

I loved it, just can’t get over how beautiful those cards [Trinick/Waite] are!

Such an impressive class. As others have pointed out, it’s a testament to how rich a language the tarot is. I believe at one point tonight, Marcus referred to it as the Language of the Soul, a phrase I noted at the time as one that is a marvellous expression of the many aspects of tarot.

I still cannot believe the depth and range of the Tarot we have covered in the first term.

Well, as someone said toward the end of class, I can’t wait to do homework. When the heck have we ever said THAT before?

Registration & Fee (Monthly Instalments)

The course fee is £420/year (approx. $685) payable in 24 x monthly instalments of £35 (approx. $57). You will receive your first four classes and supporting material within two days of your enrolment and first payment.

Individual Modules Available

Individual 6-lesson (6 hours of video classes) modules are now also available for purchase and study, including Numerology; Developing Intuition; Kabbalah; Practical Reading Methods & Secrets of the Thoth Tarot; Alchemy & Tarot. If you decide to take the Hekademia course after pursuing one or more individual modules, you will be credited for those modules.

Register & Pay For One Module (6 classes)

All modules are £45 (approx. $73) for the six-class module. You will be sent personal links to the 6 classes and all supporting material within 2 days of registering for a module.

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In these 6 lessons, you will learn:

1. Numbers Given Shape – how Numbers become Tarot cards; Magic Squares; Sigils; the number 23.

2. Numbers, Names and Nature – Base Numbers; Employment Numbers; Secret Ambition Number; Birth Path Number; Timing in Tarot; the Tree of Life

3. Calculating your Personality and Soul Cards; Year Card

4. Gematria; Using Tarot to understand Kabbalah through Number

5. Finding Lost Items; Using Numbers in a Reading

6. Tarot Numbers of the Week, Day and Hour; Using Numerology Magick with Tarot


With unique and exclusive illustrations, tables and charts, this 6-class module takes you from the very origins of Kabbalah, through the Rennaisance and into Western Magick. You will learn how Kabbalah works within the Waite-Smith and Thoth Tarot, and unique Kabbalistic methods and Tarot spreads.

Secrets of the Thoth Tarot

Terrific classes – so much information and so enjoyable… [Cass].

Drawing on a lifetime study of Crowley and his work, and original documents, Marcus takes you into the very heart of Thelema and the philosophy that is illustrated by the Thoth deck. These 6 lessons are packed with unique material, accessible break-downs of the card images, and much more. We also look at ways of using the Thoth in readings most suited to their nature.

Developing Inspiration and Intuition

Thank you for the tips … Excellent Class … Great class, loads of valuable information … [2012 students]

Working from the ancient mystery schools who taught their initiates how to receive inspiration from the gods, and the latest findings in neurobiology, unravelling the chemistry of intuition, this 6-lesson module opens you up from the inside. Learn practical methods of developing your intuition in reading, and even gain inspiration through dreams, visions and ancient oracular methods.

Practical Reading Skills

Thank you – so many new ways of connecting with the cards … always something new [student, 2011]

Presenting innovative and dynamic Tarot techniques and methods for the first time, you will soon see how practical Tarot becomes face-to-face excellence. These 6 classes cover how to read tarot in a hurry, for any question, to cope with sceptics and present at parties, or even on the street.

Alchemy & Tarot

Discover the secrets of Alchemical symbolism and the Tarot, particularly concentrating on alchemical symbolism in the Thoth and Waite-Smith Tarot, with a general overview of Alchemy included in the six lessons.