Advertising Rates 2019-2020

We offer FREE promotion and advertising for all our Tarot Association members across the platforms developed over ten years by the Association. Your membership offers an estimated value of approximately $1000 for a $75 annual membership fee.

We invest heavily in these platforms with our own resources, time and in part, Association fees, ensuring constant growth and development for the Association and all our members. Our spend on promotion over the last several years has been $50k. We are a fully registered company in the UK and have long-established relationships with the major publishers and many independent designers in the field of divination, cartomancy, esotericism, paganism, wicca, witchcraft and magick.

As we also receive regular enquiries from both major companies and independent designers to promote products and services, we have provided this page of advertising rates.

We can also advise on self-publication of tarot decks, oracle decks, lenormand decks, books, and more, for members-only through our Facebook group. We have supported many crowd-funded decks, introduced new artists and projects to the major publishers, etc. as part of our membership services.

Please contact us at to discuss your advertising requirements or view our main page for membership subscription benefits, including free advertising.

The following rates show rates for members and price for non-members. All social media figures are given as at December 2019, however, the latest figures should be checked on the relevant platform, due to constant and rapid growth.

Tarot Association Main Website

FREE for Members (Readers/Decks/Books/Podcasts/Vlogs)

Price … By Negotiation

The Tarot Review Website

FREE for Members (Decks/Books)

Price … $150

Tarosophist International Magazine (biannual publication both print/e-format)

FREE for Members (Decks/Books)

Price … $175 (full page), $125 (half-page), $75 (quarter-page), $35 (1/8 page insert).

Facebook Page (72,000 likes)

FREE for Members (1 Promo/Month)

Price … $250

Facebook Discussion Group (34,000 members)

FREE for Members (1 Promo/Week)


Tarot Lighthouse (Fortnightly Email)

FREE for Members (1 Promo/6-8 Months, best for launches & time-sensitive announcements)

Price … $95

Instagram (14,100 followers)

By Arrangement (+ additional discounted fee) for Members

Price … $250

Twitter (21,346 followers)

By Arrangement (+ additional discounted fee) for Members

Price … $95

YouTube (2.36k subscribers)

By Arrangement (+ additional discounted fee) for Members

Price … $125

Contact us at for your advertising requirements.

All figures represent data at 17th October 2019 and rapidly grow on a daily basis, please check our social media platforms for the daily total.