Wayne Nicholson

I have been reading the Tarot since when I was young. I happened across a Rider-Waite deck (1971 edition) in a bookstore when I was just eight years old. Ever since, I have always had a relationship with the Tarot and other means of divination.
Since discovering Tarosophy, I have become more engaged in divination methods such as the Tarot, I-Ching, Lenormand, Astrology among others.
I am also a medium. I specialize in readings for the Deaf community using sign language. My area of focus with cards leans towards to giving advice based on the readings with some divination thrown in. I also explore philosophy and outlook in life through cards. I often combine divination methods as a way of giving a more rounded perspective for my clients.
I do readings in sign language through Skype, Facebook, Glide, email and in person (if you are in Toronto, Canada). My purpose as a professional reader is to serve and benefit all beings.
I can be reached through email at wnicholson@gmail.com to for further details on getting connected for a reading.
Onwards on a journey!
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