Vix – New Age Hipster

Hi guys, I’m Vix, owner and creator of New Age Hipster! I’ve been reading Tarot for over ten years and also have a serious thing for Angel Tarot and have studied with Doreen Virtue becoming a certified as an Angel Card Reader.

I ask my angels and guides to pop over and have a quick chat with your angels and guides at the start of the reading and then use the cards as an intuitive spring board to get the messages that can most empower and inspire you on your life path. I use various tarot decks, throw in a couple of oracle decks and if the spirit moves me I might even get into some crystal therapy!

I’m also a Celtic Reiki Mystic Master in training.

My style is quirky, friendly and compassionate. I don’t sugar coat, but I do look for the positives. I won’t just tell you what’s going on, but I’ll tell you what action you can take to get things moving in the way you want!

My website is:

I can’t wait to read for you, love and light!


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