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I live in Cairns in the far north of Australia, and have studied Tarot since 1997. I have completed the Tarot Professionals 78 Days Diploma course, and am currently studying the Hekademia course.

A Tarot reading can help you make better choices in your life. The future is not set in stone, so I do not predict a definitive outcome, but rather the potential that lies ahead of you. A consultation with the cards reveals energies around you which may be influencing your thoughts and behaviour and preventing you from achieving your dreams. It is through acceptance and understanding of these blockages that the path ahead of you will become clearer. The power to change your life is in your own hands.

I combine my readings with astrology and numerology. If precise birth details are given beforehand, I also provide a little personal astrological information.

I offer face to face readings, email readings to anywhere in the world (includes PDF file and photo of the spread), private tarot lessons, and 6-week tarot courses.

Website: http://www.tarotbyjillian.com/

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