Emilie Moe

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Emilie Moe began reading tarot cards at a very early age. At 11 years old, she began cultivating what would become a higher calling to be a reader and help others.

She began reading for her family and friends as a form of entertainment. However, she soon realized that she was a truly called to be on this path as a reader.

Receiving clairaudient and clairsentient messages from the spiritual realm, her tarot card readings have taken a turn with growth and progress. After completing college and working for the mainstream, she decided to become a full-time reader in 2009.

Since then, she has been one of the top readers on keen.com. Specializing in relationships and romance, her readings are accurate and honest. She is empathic and sincere in what she relays to her clients. Her readings are full of love and compassion as well as truth.

Believing that her craft goes beyond the scope of just reading, Emilie Moe takes her tarot card reading to a very profound level of spirituality. Having a close connection to her spiritual guides and angels, her readings provide clarity and guidance for those seeking wise counsel through phone readings, Skype and now E-mail readings as well.

Aside from reading tarot cards, she has also embraced Angel Oracle cards, dice readings, coffee cups, writes blogs, have done live events in NYC, worked in local shops and currently does Youtube videos.

If you have any questions or are at a crossroad in your life, Emilie Moe can help you find the answers to make the best decisions for your life.

Visit www.emiliemoe.com/ / www.TarotReaderPsychic.com

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